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A Science Starz birthday party is unlike any other party around. This is a fun and educational experience where each child becomes a scientist and carries out a variety of activities that are certain to ignite an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths).

You can pick and choose your party package. Our party packages start at £115 and include:

  • Exciting science demonstration

  • One-hour, hands-on science experiment/investigation (see list of themes below)

  • Science-themed gift for the birthday child

  • Certificate for the birthday child

  • Science-themed party bags (£3.50 each)

  • Lab coat for each child so that they feel and look like a REAL scientist (plus they keep their party clothes clean!)

  • An item for each child to take home that they’ve made (slime, rocket, fossil, bath bomb, etc.)

Aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 11, you can choose from one of these exciting party themes:

1. Slime Lab (Learn the science behind slime and then make your own pot of slime, colouring it and decorating it with a variety of colours and additional ingredients. The children will experience what it would be like working in a laboratory as a chemist or a lab technician);

2. Dinosaurs & Fossils (Cast a dinosaur or shell to make a Plaster of Paris fossil and excavate REAL fossils. Children will learn various techniques of how to excavate fossils, just like a real palaeontologist!);

3. Colour & Potions Lab (Use lab equipment like beakers, test tubes and pipettes to make a universal indicator. Add acids and alkalis to observe colour changes and fizzy chemical reactions. Use chromatography to separate colours. Children will experience what it is like working as a lab technician or chemist);

4. Rockets & Space Station (Don safety goggles and use the chemical reaction from acids and alkalis to launch simple rockets and carry out a variety of other space-themed activities. Children will experience what it might be like to become an astronaut or an aerospace engineer);

5. Bath Bombs Lab (Explore the 5 senses and observe bath bombs to understand chemical reactions and make natural, colourful, scented bath bombs. Children will experience what it would be like working in a cosmetics lab as a chemist);

6. Glitter/Sensory Bottles (Observe viscosity and learn the science behind density and make colourful, unique glitter bottles that can be tailored to tie in with holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, etc. The children will measure carefully and use maths to calculate volume amounts and will experience what it would be like being a real scientist and working in a laboratory.

7. Erupting Volcanoes (Children will make and erupt a volcano, all while learning plenty of facts about volcanoes and what sort of people study volcanoes);

We travel to the location of the party. For parties outside of Belfast there is a small travel fee.

If you are interested in booking a unique, fun, science birthday party experience, let us know and we will send you a quote and booking details.

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