Summer doesn’t mean an end of education for the young scientists of Northern Ireland.

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Summer Scheme Blog

Summer doesn’t mean an end of education for the young scientists of Northern Ireland. Quite the opposite! Science Starz’ participation in the many summer schemes offered in areas like Ballymena, Ballinderry, and Dublin kept children busy with hands on experimentation and engaged the children with fun activities such as slime making workshops, fizzy experiments, and kitchen rockets.

The budding scientists at the summer scheme held in Belfast City Council were provided with the opportunity to build rockets with everyday household appliances and launch them into the sun. Even the greatest astronauts at NASA had to begin with the simplest of rocket sciences!

summer scheme set up with science starz

When the children weren’t discovering the explosive properties of baking soda or knuckle deep in their own slime concoctions, they were busy exploring the reactive natures of cabbage juice and helping to create fizzy controlled explosions behind the added layer of safety goggles and lab coats.

Science Starz has mastered the art of blending the fun elements of science with the educational, a perfect formula for an excellent summer.

Moon Landing Blog

July 20th marked the moon landings’ 50th anniversary and Science Starz was right there to launch an otherworldly celebration. Science Starz travelled to the Armagh Robinson Library to deliver the young scientists there with a plethora of space-themed activities to honour the steps made for mankind 50 years ago.

Science Starz brought fun space-themed activities for the children to both immerse them in the culture of an Apollo 11 expedition and to also educate them on the differences life outside of our atmosphere would bring. The children had a brief encounter with space food, freeze dried packaged meals that astronauts eat, before also having the opportunity to play and sort through space  rocks with which they learned to note texture, density, and colour as a means of better understanding the origin.

The children were not only experiencing the little things that make an astronaut an astronaut, they also became little astronauts themselves! The children constructed lego moon buggies to set off in search of moon water and to help them comprehend the limitations humans have in space and all the ways technology helps us better understand the worlds beyond our blue planet. They were also given the opportunity to build their own rockets using household objects and to watch as they launched them far into the sky and, though none reached the moon, its Science Starz’ dream that a moon landing lives in each of their imaginations and perhaps even aspirations.

International Women’s Day Blog

International Women’s Day means celebrating the brave and boundary busting women of both history and modern day. But for Science Starz, this also means celebrating the marginalized women of science.

Science Starz, among many other groups assembled to celebrate the women of the world, including ACSONI (African and Caribbean Support Organisation Northern Ireland) who hosted the celebration. These groups gathered in Belfast’s City Hall in March with the intention to educate local primary school girls of the groundbreaking nature of many of the early female scientists and also to provide them with a glimpse of women involved in the science field, a largely male dominated area of study.

The women of Science Starz recognize the large gender gap in scientific study and aim to take the place of role model among the young budding scientists all across Northern Ireland. It is their hope that the pupils and parents of pupils will see these women in positions of authority and great learning and will encourage these young women to seek out further knowledge themselves in their futures.

While Science Starz can not close the gender gap solo, it is with great passion and hope that they continue to travel from conference to classroom with every intention of honouring the women who preceded them in this field, and even more so to encourage the ones who have only just begun blazing their trail.