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Children are naturally inquisitive and open-minded – perfect traits for budding scientists.

During a Science Starz session, pupils get the opportunity to explore and ask questions, make predictions and observations, and engage in simple investigations using a variety of scientific tools.

We offer:

  • Fun, engaging science demonstrations with lots of fizz and colours

  • An introduction to very simple scientific terms

  • Songs & rhymes

  • Lab coats for each child to wear so they feel like a proper scientist

  • Investigations that relate to your nursery’s topics, such as:

    • Being a Scientist (Playing with Pipettes)

    • Myself and My Senses (Taste & Smell)

    • Animals at the Farm (Insulation)

    • Non-Newtonian Fluids (Solids & Liquids)

    • Exploring Static Electricity

    • The Beach (Exploring Freezing & Melting)

    • Flowers Dissection & Perfume Making

    • Minibeast Hotels

    • Fizzy Fun Lab (Acids & Alkalis)

Our Science Starz programmes cater for up to 26 children.

Contact us at or at +44 (0) 7783171734.

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Phone: 07783171734

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“The Science Starz programme is amazing. Lessons were full of fun and engaged the children in a range of exciting and enriching experiments relevant to their age and stage of development. The lessons plans are invaluable and teaching staff gained confidence from watching staff and feel they will be able to repeat these experiments with children in the future. Staff are professional, friendly and welcoming.  They quickly developed a good rapport with staff and children alike.  I am looking forward to working with Science Starz in the future.”

– Matt Talbot Nursery, Belfast

“Science Starz had a hands-on approach where every child could discover and explore whilst being expertly supported with “the science bit” by the girls. The well-planned session had the children excited and engaged from start to finish. In St Michael’s we want to ignite an interest in science and technology from the earliest age and Science Starz delivered!”

– St Michael’s Nursery, Belfast

“A very educational and enjoyable experience for all children. Excellent delivery of age-appro­priate science!”

Naíscoil Uachtar Tíre, Castlewellan