5 STEM Experiments to Try this Summer!

Are you running a Summer Program for your Pupils this summer? Do you need some ideas for fun science experiments to get children involved and interested? We have some simple, fun experiments that you can do with your class!

Thank you to Twinkl Resources (https://www.twinkl.co.uk/) for partnering with us to bring you these awesome classroom activities! If you’re interested in any of the experiments below you can find even more guides at Twinkl!

1. Marshmallow Towers

This is a great activity to get your pupils working together! And learn about engineering while they do so. All you need is a bag of Marshmallows and some dry Spaghetti strings!

2. Fluffy Slime

This one is a bit messier, but your pupils will love making their own slime to play around with! This one might be better for slightly older children but just as fun.

3. Erupting Volcano

A classic for a reason! Try this easy experiment to make your very own erupting volcanos!

4. Tinfoil Boats

This experiment is great for teamwork. You can even take it a step further if you like, and have a race afterwards to see how well the boats can carry all the pennies!

5. Rockets

We’re ending with a bang with this brilliant air rocket activity! This one will need to take place outside, but we can guarantee that your pupils will love making their own rocket ships and getting to see them fly!