When you celebrate your birthday with Science Starz, children become paleontologists, astronauts or chemists for the afternoon.

We offer a variety of labs and activities for the young scientists of Northern Ireland, from our Slime Labs which will have the children making their own pot of slime, as in a real laboratory, complete with lab coats, to the Colour & Potions Lab which will have children engaging with test tubes, pipettes and beakers for a realistic, immersive science experience. Our Bath Bombs Lab incorporates chemistry and teaches the children about chemical reactions while they make natural, colourful, and scented bath bombs.

For those scientists out there who find little interest in chemistry, there are many other options! Our Dinosaurs & Fossils, Rockets & Space Station, and Glitter/Sensory Bottles Labs will all engage the children in the more physical aspects of science. The children love excavating REAL fossils and discovering all the techniques and tools used by real paleontologists! For our little astronauts and alien lovers out there, we have rocket launchings and the opportunity to participate in a variety of space-themed activities, including experiencing what it might be like to join NASA or study aerospace engineering!

A Science Starz birthday party is like no other party. It is both educational and fun!