Science Starz Tackles Climate Change at Northern Ireland Science Festival

Science Starz was busy in February helping Belfast make science more accessible to children, as part of the NI Science Festival. Throughout the city, they discussed the importance of recycling as a way to combat the climate crisis and even did a bit of recycling themselves!

Four libraries in Belfast (Cregagh, Chichester, Falls and Ormeau), each in a different area of the city, were kind enough to allow Science Starz to host their mobile laboratories in their facilities, making the labs that much more accessible and inclusive to the children and families in the surrounding areas.

Twenty-five budding scientists attended each of the four sessions where they discussed the climate crisis and holistic steps every household can make to reduce the damages done to our planet. Their climate investigations led them to the importance of trees and their discussions looked into the many ways trees are helping the fight by purifying the air, providing oxygen, and acting as a home for many forest creatures.

The little scientists got their hands dirty by making paper pulp from used newspapers and turning it into new and beautiful sheets of paper! The children in the recycling paper sessions added water to the pulp mixture and drained it with sieves made out of recycled clothes hangers and tights before being given the option to add pretty colours or flower petals! Each child was able to take their own freshly-made paper home, much to their delight!

“Science Starz is excited to have hosted free events as part of the NI Science Festival this year. We specifically chose those four libraries on every side of Belfast to make our activities more accessible and inclusive to the children of this city and I am delighted with the turnout we’ve had here,” said Elita Frid, Science Starz director.