The importance of STEM from a young age

Science Starz aims to ignite an interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) from an early age in order to increase attainment at GSCE level by early intervention at nursery and primary level.

Why is this important?

Latest ETA inspections highlight World Around Us, Auditory & Visual Learning as areas for improvement.

Latest CBI (Confederation of British Industry) Education & Skills Survey reveals concerning trends for the Northern Irish economy:

  • 65% experiencing/anticipating difficulty recruiting individuals for apprenticeships.

  • 76% not confident there will be sufficient people available in the future to fill high-skilled roles.

  • An already acute skills shortage in Northern Ireland is set to be further exacerbated.

Employers view the promotion of STEM subjects  & awareness of their career options as top priority areas for action. Most career choices STEM from childhood experiences. Introducing STEM in secondary school is too late for most young people. Igniting an interest from an early age is key to fostering a life-long interest in STEM subjects.


Children today should grow up in a society that encourages, stimulates and allows them to grow as young learners. At Science Starz we appreciate that every child is different and every child deserves the opportunity to embrace their talents and develop their horizons.

We at Science Starz seek to offer an environment that not only encourages inquisitive minds to grow, but we also endeavour to encourage these young scientists and engineers to question what they know and get answers for questions that they don’t yet know. We develop these young minds in a safe, diverse and inclusive environment, therefore offering an atmosphere that not only encourages learners of all abilities, but also appreciates and welcomes the diversity in all young budding scientists.

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