Primary Schools

Classroom topics are brought to life with our workshops that closely match your scheme of work.

Pupils learn how to think and work like a scientist, how to apply what they have learned to the real world, and how to develop the skills relevant to a career in science.

We offer

  • Curriculum-led, hands-on workshops to Foundation, Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2, that cover areas such as:
    • World Around Us
    • Mathematics
    • Physical Development
    • Language Development
    • Personal , Social & Emotional Development
  • Fun, engaging science demonstrations with lots of fizz, pops and bangs
  • An introduction to scientific terms
  • Lab coats for each pupil to wear so they feel like a proper scientist
  • Lesson plans for each visit
  • Resources for teachers to recap the session with pupils
  • Activities that relate to year topics, such as:
    • Vikings
    • Egyptians
    • Victorians
    • Children from Long Ago
    • Pirates
    • Dinosaurs
    • Coasts & Islands
    • Animals & Habitats
    • House & Homes
    • The Rainforest
    • Earth & Space
    • Natural Disasters
    • Bridges
    • World War II
    • My Senses
    • The Post Office
    • Recycling
    • Giants
    • Polar Regions and more
    • The Weather
    • Flowers and Plant Cycle
    • The Human Body, and more

We cover areas such as

  • Forces & Motion
  • Push & Pull
  • States of Matter
  • Material & their Properties
  • Floating & Sinking
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Density
  • Air
  • Water
  • Surface Tension
  • Acids & Alkalis
  • Electricity
  • Light & Sound
  • Colour
  • Energy
  • Magnetism
  • Insulation
  • Our Senses, and more

Each workshop can cater for up to 28 children.

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“The girls did a fabulous job of making science come to life for the pupils. The pupils loved the ‘hands-on’ approach and the fact that they were fully involved in the experi­ment.” – Edenbrooke Primary School, Belfast

“I liked changing the indicator’s colour. I liked that they let us smell it and take part. It was great fun.” – Keilan, Age 7

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